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What was your original face?

I’ve got a bike

Culture Posted on Mon, August 22, 2011 20:21:13

a new bike


Culture Posted on Mon, January 26, 2009 19:08:06

Jonas qui aura 25 ans en l’an 2000

Culture Posted on Mon, December 29, 2008 08:20:24

This 1976 film by Alain Tanner is available on DVD from It’s a few years since Jonas turned 25, but this film is still worth seeing.

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The God of Time

Culture Posted on Tue, February 05, 2008 19:27:12

Mithras is the god of a roman mystery-cult, which flourished from the 1th to 4th century of our era. Their rituals was performed in the mithraeum, either a natural cave or a building imitating one. Apart from representations of Mithras himself, other sculptures has been found. Here is a statue of a lion-headed god or man found in Sidon (Lebanon). The mask has an open mouth and it’s been suggested that it spew forth fire. Pretty impressive in a dark cave I would imagine!

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Similar figures has been found elsewhere. Here’s a relief from Rome:

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Here he holds two torches and lights a fire with fire from his mouth. The four snakes might be the four seasons. And finally a relief probably also from Rome (but now in Modena):

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Notice the zodiac and his Pan-like, cloven feet!

These pictures and more can be found in Manfred Clauss The roman cult of Mithras (recommended before starting on John Cowper Powys Porius if you don’t know something about Mithraism beforehand). Mithraism is fascinating because most of what is known is physical evidence like statues and the like, what little is written is christian anti-mithraic pholemics. Clauss’ book is mostly about iconography btw.

John Cowper Powys

Culture Posted on Wed, December 19, 2007 21:01:38

Having long felt that I have read myself into a corner, in the sense that I read about the same things over and over again (se reading list for evidence), and not being able to find anything new and exciting! … mid-life crisis raising its head probably.

There is however, light on the horizon. Margaret Drabble wrote an essay about an author in TLS (
November 14, 2007) that I may have seen the name of, but never seriously considered: John Cowper Powys. The essay is about a new biography by
Morine Krissdóttir “Descents of memory“, and a new edition of Powys’ “Porius“. I promply ordered both. I like excentric englishmen, and Powys seems to fit the bill, having a society, or more exactly, his family has a society: The Powys Society, and a sense of exclusiveness about his authorship that I like (being a snob in such matters). (The publishers blog has links to other reviews)

I’m now halfway into Porius and hooked. This is really an amazing novel! It’s set in Wales in the week from 18 to 25 october 499. The setting is Arthurian, but not your standard Arthur-fantasy. Not that the setting matters much (it probably does btw), its a fairly complex novel with several figures and many questions covered. It must be a mix of modern and ancient thought, so reading is like dipping in and out of the unknown. There is pagan, ancient greek and even christian elements here, but mostly what easiest can be described as nature mysticism I guess. (There’s even mentions of Mithras, which led me to order this). It’s a help to have a guide to all the names and (a few) concepts: John Cowper
Powys’s Porius: A Reader’s Companion.

A Glastonbury romance is on the way (from the same publisher), to ensure that something is at hand when I’m through with Porius.

Keeping warm in cold places

Culture Posted on Tue, November 27, 2007 19:32:21

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The photo is taken from p. 50 of Genro Koudela Oshos 1994 memorial album, and shows Erich Skrleta working in den kalten Räumen des Buddhistischen Zentrums. It must be the winter 79/80, in Viennas Buddhist Centre new locale in Fleischmarkt. Look close at the jacket!

The doctors jacket

Culture Posted on Tue, November 13, 2007 18:55:54

Can’t remember why any more, but we bought the complete first series of the english sf-series Doctor Who in 2005, starring Christopher Eccleston as the 9th doctor.

The whole family spent much of the Christmas holiday that year watching mesmerized as the action unfolded.

I have always been aware that there were a Doctor Who from mentions in the music press that I avidly read in the 70-ies and 80-ies. (Even have an album (LP) with sounds – probably haven’t been played at all.)

This #9 doctor had a jacket! Oh, yes, a beautiful worn leather jacket. A german submarine-officers jacket in fact.

It quietly simmered in the back of the brain for some time, before I put doctor who leather jacket into Google. On the top was a link to a company that sold a replica:

It looked great (a bit shiny though), and expensive…

It was only possible to buy one if you lived in the UK, Canada, Australia or the US. So it started with a couple of weeks getting them (or rather him, it’s a one-man show I believe) to put Norway on the list as well. And then there were measurements to be taken. And waiting, from 26th of July to 20th of October all in all.

I haven’t waited so long for anything like that, since ordering books and comics from the USA 30 years ago. It took some time to get it through the customs (and another 20% to the total price), about a week from the first call from UPS’ swedish call-centre (confused me a bit that) till we met our postman in the local shop one evening, and she told me it had arrived, and offered to fetch it. (The postoffice is only open an half hour each day).

Was it worth it? I would say so, it’s a good fit (and smells beautifully).

So here’s the # 42 Bad Wolf jacket. First against the wall of our shed:

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At the standing stone Hasle (Tjølling, Larvik).

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At Istrehågan (Tjølling, Larvik).

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Allan Ginsberg

Culture Posted on Thu, February 01, 2007 14:44:06

I´ve just read Bill Morgans biography on Allen Ginsberg: I Celebrate Myself: The Somewhat Private Life of Allen Ginsberg. Morgan wrote Ginsbergs bibliography, and used Ginsbergs notebooks and extensive archives to write this biography. Through the notebooks we get Ginsbergs reactions and feelings, frustrations, sorrows and triumphs. There as a lot of frustration going on, mostly related to sex as he was homosexual with a leaning towards heterosexual men.

He was supportive towards his friends. Both in a good and bad way, Peter Orlovsky seemed to get too much of it, as Ginsberg took over his life. There´s a lot of both sex and drugs in Ginsbergs biography, even some rock´n´roll. But most of all it´s a book on a man that got things done.

In January 1983 Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky and Steven Taylor came to Oslo. They played a concert at Club 7 on sunday the 30th. I kept the ticket:

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The next day he signed books at the bookstore Tronsmo. So I went with my 2 books and got them signed:Blog Image

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As for the poetry I think he uses too many words. But then I´ve never been too keen on William Blake either …