I´ve just read Bill Morgans biography on Allen Ginsberg: I Celebrate Myself: The Somewhat Private Life of Allen Ginsberg. Morgan wrote Ginsbergs bibliography, and used Ginsbergs notebooks and extensive archives to write this biography. Through the notebooks we get Ginsbergs reactions and feelings, frustrations, sorrows and triumphs. There as a lot of frustration going on, mostly related to sex as he was homosexual with a leaning towards heterosexual men.

He was supportive towards his friends. Both in a good and bad way, Peter Orlovsky seemed to get too much of it, as Ginsberg took over his life. There´s a lot of both sex and drugs in Ginsbergs biography, even some rock´n´roll. But most of all it´s a book on a man that got things done.

In January 1983 Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky and Steven Taylor came to Oslo. They played a concert at Club 7 on sunday the 30th. I kept the ticket:

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The next day he signed books at the bookstore Tronsmo. So I went with my 2 books and got them signed:Blog Image

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As for the poetry I think he uses too many words. But then I´ve never been too keen on William Blake either …